About Kuriya

We hope to bring the ingredients of the our hometown Nagashima and Kyushu to the world. Therefore, we created Kuriya.
The origin of the name of our company is '御厨' (mikuriya), which means God's kitchen in Japanese. Taking the word '厨', which also relates to 'eat' in Chinese, as a sign of luck, we named ourselves 香港厨 (Kuriya).

Nowadays, many ingredients are importing to Hong Kong through big wholesale market, such as the Toyosu Market.
We believe that shipping ingredients directly from districts can keep the freshness in a better way. And also to sell the ingredients at a more reasonable price.

Our main market includes Japanese restaurants and local wholesalers in Hong Kong, as well as retail in department stores like SOGO and APITA.
We promise to provide products with high degree of safety and quality to customers in Hong Kong and China.


Recommended Products

Fresh Fish


Direct shipping fresh fish from markets in Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Fukuoka to Hong Kong and China. We also accept small lot.
We can also turn fresh fish to frozen fillet and sell. Including Buri (Japanese amberjack), Kanpachi (Greater amberjack), Madai (Red sea bream), Masaba (Chub mackerel), Shimaaji (White trevally) etc. from the No.1 Buri aquaculture origin in Japan, Nagashima. All of them can be frozen and sell as frozen fillet.



Shipping from the origins of good Wagyu, such as Kagoshima, Kumamoto and Saga to Hong Kong and China.

Processed Products


We also sell handmade Miso and Yuzu pepper for small lot.

Our company mainly stock ingredients from Kyushu region. We purchase products directly from the processing plants, fishermen and markets, without the help of trading companies. This can help cut unneccesary cost.
On the other hand, we welcome different products ranging from big to small lot and luxuries to general goods. We try hard to fulfill the diversified needs of our customers.

Most of the plants and manufacturers hold qualification, such as HACCAP etc. Not only the quality, but also the hygiene management is under strict supervision.

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Job oppurtunities

Full-time emplyee
In annual salary (1-year contract is preferred)
Language requirement
Good command in business level in either Mandarin, Cantonese or English.

※Internship is negotiable

※Also welcome non-experienced

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About us

Name of company
Hong Kong KURIYA
Unit 11, 18/F, W212, 212 Texaco Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T.
Job duties
Food import and wholesale
Number of emplyees
Bank for transaction
10 Million JPY
+852 6491 1109