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Tai Meshi (rice with sea bream)

A set of overnight-dried natural sea bream freshly-caught in Nagashima, and mixing with handmade kelp soup. Fish bone has already be removed to make it easy to eat. You can taste the authentic Tai Meshi at home with your family only by putting it together with rice and cook.

Put the Tai and soup into 4 cups of rice with 600mL of water to cook. When it is done, please be careful about the fish bone when eating.

Tai Meshi (rice with sea bream)

Tai Meshi (rice with sea bream)

Frozen Sashimi

We put the freshly-caught fish into a 6-time quick freezing machine to keep the freshness of fish.

The freshness of sashimi can be well kept by storing in the freezing chamber. Please try this new lifestyle through 'instance freezing'

Instance frozen Tachiuo (Scabbard fish)

Instance frozen Aoriika (Broad squid)

Instance frozen Tako (Octopus)

Kampachi(Amberjack) fillet

Dried fish

Luxurious dried fish made of fresh fish from processing plant.

The handmade dried fish is a superb item made of seasonal fish. Without using any chemical seasoning, it gives you and your family the taste of nostalgic fishing village.

Kuromutsu (Japanes bluefish) [M]

Kuromutsu (Japanese bluefish) [L]

Chico Dai(Chico bream)


Miso-preserved fish

Fresh fish preserved with COCOROMISO which is also from the same origin of fish, Nakashima

The additive-free COCOROMISO is very good for health. The manufacurer puts a lot of effort to make the supreme Miso. The limited annual production amount makes the product a precious piece to try.

Miso-preserved Kanpachi (Amberjack)

Miso-preserved Tai (Sea Bream)

Teriyaki-flavored Buri(Yellowtail Fish flavored Teriyaki)

Miso-preserved Buri(Miso pikles Yellowtail Fish)

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